CKYC Compliance Solution For All Financial Institutions In a Single Portal.

Conceptualized for

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Technology Used

  • Various types of CBS integration - Automation
  • CERSAI communication via SFTP for upload customer zip and download images – Automation
  • Image optimization – Automation

Integrate with Multiple CBS to manage CKYC

SFTP secured connectivity for Upload & Download

Auto optimisation of images on CERSAI parameters

Central KYC Registry?

CKYC Management Solutions and CKYC Software maintains the records of finance sector customers. The (Centralized KYC) CKYC Compliance Solution initiative of CKYC Management System taken by Government of India. The key objectives of this initiative is the investors submit KYC only once and it can be inter-usability of the KYC across the sector. The motto is to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and verified every time when the customer creates a new investment with a financial entity. 

What if you had a software suite to ensure that every single step in the process is automated and you are compliant with all the regulatory requirements of KYC? iSolve’s CKYC software can do wonders for you within very less time and minimal overhead.

Its solution capabilities reduce time and applied cost, and increase operational efficiency of your business processes.


CKYC Software Solution

CKYC Services

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Capture Customer Details

Enrich customer data with CKYC platfrom

Scan | Crop | Verify customer documents

Digitise and verify documents at ease

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor your business with key reports, metrics & forecast

Receive Response by CERSAI

CERSAI response on CKYC platform ease out the operations

Request to CERSAI

Commute with ease to CERSAI

Business Insight & Analytics

Monitor operations anywhere

API Search

Search to CERSAI with API integration

Upload to CERSAI

Secured upload of file to CERSAI

Auto Compress files and batch creation

Automated file compression and batch creation for validated data

Provisions action on CERSAI response

Edit, modify, update Image & data based on CERSAI response